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Top Mistakes That Every Married Man Make

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Getting married must be an exciting time for you. You guys are in love and are planning to spend all your life together. However, this taste of new love doesn’t last very long. For most of the husbands, the honeymoon period gets over just 2 months down the marriage. They stop treating their wives how they are supposed to be. After all, they got what they always wanted.

There are many mistakes that an amateur husband makes because of which the wife suffers. Let’s dwell deeper into the issue:

“Affection only means sex”

One of the most common mistakes that a newly married man makes that he only relates affection to lovemaking. The wife needs love and affection in other manners too. Like listening to her while she is talking, respecting her decisions, and avoiding manscaping. If you only want sex, is the place for you. In a marriage, everything is not about physical attraction. A marriage needs devotion and both of the parties need to take responsibility for it, together.

“Only the wife will take care of the child”

It’s an instant No-No. She has done enough of her part by giving birth to the child. She has been under tremendous pain during her labor days. You need to take responsibility for the child. If you leave everything upon her, she will start doubting your intentions and capabilities as a husband and a father. You wouldn’t want that to be your case, would you? Start taking care of your child. take care of your child’s food, play, hygiene, and sleep. Make sure that your wife gets her due rest even months after the delivery.

“Make minor as well as major plans without her consent”

You might think that planning a trip to Europe without consulting her will surprise her but, it won’t be the case. In a marriage, you share everything. You are supposed to be working as a team. Without consulting with her, you are basically telling her that her participation in such major planning isn’t required. You are downplaying her opinions and rights as your wife. This can be deadly for the future of your relationship.

“Be forgetful of major dates”

Men are usually known to forget important dates. Be it the wedding anniversary or the wife’s birthday, men have made their mark as the supreme obliterator of memories. You shouldn’t do that. Women hold these dates to the utmost importance. If you are casual about how she feels, you are digging your own grave here. Many marriages break because of this casual attitude of husbands towards the emotional feeling of wives.

“Work is primary, family comes second”

It is a very big mistake that men make. They assume their work hold their priority. Even more so than their family. Family always comes before work. You are working for your family, you haven’t created a family for your work. Understand this. Maintain a work-life balance and enjoy every bit you can with your wife and child.



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